Simat's presentation

SI.MA.T. was born in 1997 with the aim to create a high level global service offering to its customers a sell and repair service for mechanic seals and revision for valves and industrial pumps.
The firm was started with an engineer, a sells agent and a little workshop with two workers. Just after six month, because of the demand increase, we had six people, and we hired other four sells agents.

After 10 years experience on reparation field, SI.MA.T.’s staff got a such experience to permit to open a high technology workshop with last generation fixtures and machineries.
It has been projected and created a mechanic seals test bench with the purpose to test seals with air and water. We also have a lapping center with a monochromatic face-lamp control system with a micron precision.
Having a equipped and prepared team we are able to work directly on the field and we are able to installing special mechanic seals and particular pumps, too.
SI.MA.T. have a technical office which studies on particular applications. We offer to the customer many chooses for the purchase about mechanic seals and specific o-ring depending on the fluid.

SI.MA.T. works in several industries as:
• Paper industry
• Sugar and amid industry
• Metallurgical industry
• Chemical industry
• Depuration sector
• New sector: nuclear plant

SI.MA.T. presence in paper mill is very strong because it installs specific mechanic seals that permit us to resolve many of paper mill’s engineers demands that they have every day modifying paper’s production.
The results obtained in amid and sugar sector are very good, because we spent a lot of energy to develop extremely simples mechanic seals but with a better reliability. Also in chemical and depuration sector we are obtaining very interesting results. We are working also abroad, overall in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia with a our directly sell agent that further oil refinery is having good response from the nuclear power, too.

SI.MA.T. has created a reliance relationship during the years with affectionate customers and because of these we amplified our products list with other products: for instance the line FLANGIOPEN EQUALIZER (flange coupling equalizing tools), bearings protection system “Magtecta & Labtecta”, Vessels pressure system (cooling systems and mechanic seals lubrication), SI.MA.T. ‘s polymer composites and several technical products for the industrial maintenance as free asbestos gaskets sheets, expanded graphite reinforced with an inox lamina, filled ptfe and not, special packings, metallic gaskets, liquid products an spray.
SI.MA.T.’s staff works and studies to always search innovative products that satisfy customers’ needs, that always want more but they appreciate our efforts giving us new orders and new challenges.